I'm purging inactive members

I must apologize. I've been sick for the last two weeks so activity on The Atheist Blogroll has been limited. I did another 50 blogs this morning. Blogs that are marked "Gone" no longer resolve. "Inactive" blogs have not had a post in the last year or have clearly stated that they are inactive. "Active" blogs have posts in the last year. Here are the results.

Gone = 18

Inactive =19

Culture for all
Cycle Ninja
Dabbling, pondering
Dances With Theists
Dangerous Talk
Dark Matter, USA
darwinian remiix
Deeply Blasphemous
Dem Bones Dem Bones
DEVOUT Atheist Godless Grief
DisComforting Ignorance
Discreet Infidel
Discutiendo sobre cristianismo
Disgusted Beyond Belief
Distro's Blog
do you feel loved?
Doc thinks

Active = 12

Daily Atheist
Dangerous Intersection
Dangerously Subversive Atheist Penguin
Daylight Atheism
Debunking Christianity
Deep Thoughts - Hey! That's my blog!
Deutschland Uber Elvis
Diary of a Teenage Atheist
Dikkii's Diatribe
Disaffected and it Feels So Good

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