New blogs joining the Atheist Blogroll

I made a decision to restart the Atheist Blogroll and then got sick. I am just now digging out. These six blogs are the newest members of The Atheist Blogroll. Please play them a visit and welcome them to our community.

Fojap - Sex, politics, Religion and other subjects not for mixed company.

The Brilliance of Men - Exploring Antitheism, Atheism and terror management theory.

A Blister to My Eye - A week passed with an insufficient number of pages has been a blister to my eye - Anthony Trollope.

Tris Stock - soon to move to

Stroke my Frog - Cynicism, Commentary, Laughter, No Sacred Cows.

Atheos - Ideas on atheism, philosophy, skepticism and critical thinking deep in the hear of Brockville and the Thousand Islands

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I'm purging inactive members

I must apologize. I've been sick for the last two weeks so activity on The Atheist Blogroll has been limited. I did another 50 blogs this morning. Blogs that are marked "Gone" no longer resolve. "Inactive" blogs have not had a post in the last year or have clearly stated that they are inactive. "Active" blogs have posts in the last year. Here are the results.

Gone = 18

Inactive =19

Culture for all
Cycle Ninja
Dabbling, pondering
Dances With Theists
Dangerous Talk
Dark Matter, USA
darwinian remiix
Deeply Blasphemous
Dem Bones Dem Bones
DEVOUT Atheist Godless Grief
DisComforting Ignorance
Discreet Infidel
Discutiendo sobre cristianismo
Disgusted Beyond Belief
Distro's Blog
do you feel loved?
Doc thinks

Active = 12

Daily Atheist
Dangerous Intersection
Dangerously Subversive Atheist Penguin
Daylight Atheism
Debunking Christianity
Deep Thoughts - Hey! That's my blog!
Deutschland Uber Elvis
Diary of a Teenage Atheist
Dikkii's Diatribe
Disaffected and it Feels So Good

New members of our Atheist Blogroll

I’ve created a bit of a mess for myself by getting sick in the middle of trying to get the Atheist Blogroll started again. I offer my apologies to one and all. It’s been almost 10 days since I’ve felt like spending any time on this. 

Here are the latest members. There are many more pending. 

The Way Forward on Twitter @brucegerencser.


Random Thoughts

The Bitchspot on Twitter @bitchspot1

The Bitchspot Podcast

Atheism Wow!!

Believers vs Non-Believers

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Latest purge data

I reviewed 25 today and 25 from yesterday for 50 total (I missed a day because of a long work day and illness). Some of the active ones are questionable though. I need a second pair of eyes to make the call.

Gone = 17

Active = 14

Berto: Philosophy Monkey
BHA Science Group
Black Atheist
Black Jesus
Bob Kowalski
Bruce Llama
Buridan's Ass

Inactive = 19

Because No One Asked
Beer, Brats, Cheese, and Rational Thought
Being Human
Beliefs, Religion and Reason
Billion Dollar Baloney
Bjorn & Jeannette's Blog
Black Sun Journal
Black Woman Thinks
Blag Hag
Blasphemous Blogging
Boolean Boycott
Bracing Truth
Bucolic Social Leper
Bullshit Philosophy
California Copy Chimp

New members of our Atheist Blogroll!

Here are the new members of the Atheist Blogroll for Wednesday, January 8, 2014.

The Homeschool Atheist Momma Blog

Towards a Rational American and Enlightended Judaism

Thoughts on various topics from the perspective of a Jewish non-theist,taking the position that there is no evidence for the existence of a supreme being that directs our lives or the course of the universe.

Thoughts from Atheist Vegan Pantheist Bobbie James

Author writes about Atheism and Veganism.

The Atheist Stew

I run a blog called The Atom Stew where I discuss the current buzz around atheism, skepticism, secularism, philosophy, science and technology. I aim to bring you a point of view on a wide range of subjects through the eyes of skepticism and critical thinking.

I don't always achieve this goal, but The Atom Stew is a comment-enabled and conversation friendly blog where the hashing out of viewpoints, ideas and opinions is both welcomed and encouraged.

Smilodon's Retreat on the Skeptic Ink

With lots of other blogs to add too!

Godless in Dixie

Take the Godless tour

The Mad Humanist

Ideas about philosophy and theology