The Atheist Blogroll has several tools available to its members.
  1. Delicious feed - This is an RSS feed that shows each member's blog as it is added to the blogroll
  2. Search Engine - An google search engine linked to all active members.
  3. Flickr pool - Atheist photographers who contribute images for use in blogs
  4. The full member list - I update this monthly. It has all of the blogs listed in the blogroll.
  5. Twitter - All new members are announced on twitter using the #Atheist #Atheism hashtags.
  6. Atheist Blogroll Updates - I make periodic announcements about the blogroll and introduce new members in special posts.
  7. We have badges!
  8. A Facebook fan page - coming soon!

Here is a helpful list of atheist and agnostic resources
  1. Atheism Online
  2. Atheist Haven
  3. American Humanist Association
  4. Atheist Alliance International
  5. Atheists for Human Rights
  6. Center for Inquiry
  7. Council for Secular Humanism
  8. Enlighten the Vote
  9. Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
  10. Secular Coalition for America
  11. Secular Student Alliance