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Please join me in welcoming one of the newest members of the Atheist Blogroll, Skeptical Child
Ever since I can remember, a part of me has always disbelieved that an omnipotent, all-knowing god exists somewhere in the multiverse. Yet as a youth, I trusted the Christians around me, which was probably why I prayed so hard for many years to make the ‘gay’ go away. Why would they lie to me? I had no reason to distrust them. Fruitless in my endeavor, I gave up…
That didn’t end my search for spiritual meaning, however. After a few years of drunken, soft-core drug abused, sex-filled nights, I had still come up empty handed. Ahem, no pun intended…
That’s when I discovered Buddhism—Tibetan Buddhism.
I was twenty-five or so. I began to sit on pillows, staring at nothing, and listening and watching the voice in my head. I thought I had found my path, the non-religious religion, a way to freedom. Buddhist teachers had spoken of transformation, of mental insights, and of being free from cyclical unhappiness. On the other hand, they also had spoken of magical realms, rainbow rays, and empty coffers.
Several years of mediation and contemplation later, I still wasn’t sated by that religion nor had I killed my ego, as suggested. And after a while, I began to understand that I had traded one set of illusions for another. I do confess, there is something to be gained from a calm mind, but primitive concepts still linger within this tradition. I harbor no antipathy toward those teachings or teachers, but one doesn’t do the world a whole lot of good when sitting in a ‘cave’ for hours on end. Imagine what one could achieve if she/he devoted that time to solving real problems!
I’m not certain how it happened—when I emerged into a complete and utter Atheist. It may have come around the time I discovered the brilliant Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris. Probably both. What they had written echoed through me. I do know that I have never felt freer than I do now, unfettered from ancient Bronze Age gods and myths. I am glad for this, and I am thankful I have an evolved mind that could reason away misconception… and move on to a liberated existence.
Why Skeptical Child? We should strive to gain more knowledge throughout life; and like children, we are always learning. Skepticism helps us see things truthfully. Will you let it help you?
What will you find at Skeptical Child? All sorts of things: science articles, book reviews, great videos, music, recipes, and the occasional account from my over the top noggin.  See you soon!
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