Introducing Pragmatic Atheism

Please join me in welcoming one of the newest members of the Atheist Blogroll, Pragmatic Atheism.

I welcome all to examine my blog that is dedicated to what I have chosen to call 'Pragmatic Atheism'. I consider this a third option about belief in God as distinct from the standard two options of 'scientific atheism' and 'religious theism'. Pragmatic Atheism is a lack of belief in God, or divine/supernatural concepts of any kind, based on regular everyday reasoning that is available to anyone and everyone, not just those familiar with the institution of science. Reason is much bigger than just 'scientific reason', which is actually a very specific kind of reasoning, and not even the most common. Advances in science have indeed done much to conquer the hold of theism onto global culture for centuries. We as modern atheists must recognize the contributions of science for our 'cause'. However, science is not really the only game in town in terms of critical thinking and open minded questioning and skepticism. Further, since science is very much an institution and a set of specialized professions, it is unclear that it is even the best approach as a basis for a more general atheism in modern culture. Science can only do or say so much about the issue of the existence of God. For what it can do, we should appeal to it, but the limits must be recognized and overcome for reason to win. Pragmatic Atheism seeks to do just that, go beyond the limits of science's input into the God debate, and build a broader and more far reaching basis for atheistic/rational thought.

Note that I do not use the phrase 'pragmatic atheism' in the standard sense as being synonymous with 'apatheism'. Suffice it to say for now, I am not an apatheist at all! For a full discussion of this difference in usage, see the 'about' page of my blog.

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