Introducing Ojo Taylor

Please join me in welcoming one of the newest members of the Atheist Blogroll, Ojo Taylor

I have a long, successful and colorful history as the founder, main songwriter, spokesperson and keyboardist for the seminal Christian rock band Undercover.  I also owned Brainstorm Artists International, a Christian Music record label distributed by Word Records and Sony Music.  My faith began unraveling bit by bit over the years and it was only about 3 years ago after a period of intense study that I woke up and realized I just don't believe any of it anymore. 

I had my coming out in an interview with a Christian Music magazine and used that as my first blog post.  Needless to say that interview and many animated discussions on Facebook have generated quite a buzz in the Christian Music community and our fans. Since then I have been interviewed by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor at the Freedom From Religion Foundation's radio show and on a number of christian radio shows as well.

My blog at is about "Music, Lovism, Freethought." The topics often all run together. I get a number of comments and questions, often nasty or thoughtless, that become the source for my posts and I have more ideas-in-waiting than time to write.  My aim is to advance the cause of love in the world and to show people that belief in any god or religion is not only unnecessary but counterproductive towards that end.  Religion is rarely harmless.

I am also an assistant professor of music at James Madison University teaching courses in Music Industry Studies. I would appreciate the support of a skeptical freethinking community and the opportunity to support in return.  Thank you!

You can learn more about me here:

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