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We’ve had a new blog join the Atheist Blogroll: Always Question Authority.

Welcome to the Always Question Authority blog, established on 07.11.2011.

“Call me Madison.” I am an unapologetic non-accommodationist atheist. The intent of this blog is to inform readers of the vast negative social and political implications to humanity caused by the poison of specifically religious, and generally political, reactionary right-wing dogmatism.

This blog is for the well-informed, and well-read with an independence of mind that place a high value on reason, critical thought, and general intellectualism.

The Always Question Authority blog consists mostly of articles, videos, etc. that I have read, or watched, and choose to share with my readers. Posts penned by me will explicitly read “By Madison S. Hughes (mm.dd.yyyy).” All aphorisms are written by me, and labeled as such. I will re-post Aphorisms when updated. I will also re-post any article, video, etc., that I deem worthy of repetition. All other posts are linked to the source from which they were accessed, or, if able, the root source of their origin. I claim no credit for posts, that do not bear “By Madison S. Hughes (mm.dd.yyyy).” Additionally, epigraphical comments written by me will be indicated by ending with “[MSH].”

Although most of the material contained within will have social and political implications, some art, poetry, and music selections will be posted for aesthetic purposes only.

It is my sincere hope that you find the posts on this blog informative, intellectually stimulating, and rewarding. If you have any suggestions that you feel would make your visits even more profitable, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

In Reason,


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