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I have recently heard many Atheists declare that the bible is full of terrible things. Although they usually seem credible, I have not read very much of the bible myself and it doesn't seem right to agree with them based on little evidence. I also notice that Christians are always talking about how much great stuff is in the bible. It seems to me that both sides are just seeing what they want to see. So what is the truth? Are the atheists right and the bible is mostly full of horrible things that seemed reasonable centuries ago? Are Christians right that the bible is mostly full of good things that we can use as a model to live our lives by? Or does the truth lie somewhere in the middle?

I aim to find this out for myself. Each day I read a little bit of the bible, write a summary of what happened and then add my commentary on it. Also, at the end of each book I write an extremely brief summary of the good and bad within. In an effort to avoid the whole "that is just old testament" argument I started at Matthew, but assuming I enjoy doing this for long enough I don't see a reason why I couldn't eventually cycle back to Genesis (and if this keeps being fun for a really long time I might do the book of Mormon, but at my current pace that is years away)

Since I started I have also expanded a bit. I am currently doing a book club with a CS Lewis book where I read a chapter a week and deconstruct it in a similar manner to my bible reading. I also have been writing about random topics that interest me on the weekend.

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