I am restarting the Atheist Blogroll

Due to popular demand, I am restarting the Atheist Blogroll. I get a large number of inquiries each week and an even larger number of requests to restart the service. Now that IFFT is available, I'll be able to automate some of the drudgery and make the task a little easier. I also need to clean up the list, so look for some activity on this over the weeks ahead.

I can always use help. Please let me know if you are interested.I’d like to have a few blog editors and writers working the list.

  1. Start promoting the service
  2. Remove dead links. 
  3. Classify blogs as active or inactive.
  4. Write posting scripts.
  5. Make Facebook page. 

I'm starting with at the top of the list and working downward. I'll do 10 or so at a time.

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