Atheist Blogroll - noobs for June 2011

It’s been about a month since I updated the master member list for the Atheist Blogroll, but I did so this morning by adding 32 new members. Enjoy your reading.
  1. A Skeptic Reads The Bible
  2. Alex R. Orue
  3. Antichristian league
  4. Are you serious?
  5. Atheist Dave
  6. Black Ink Pad
  7. Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum
  8. Coming of age
  9. Confessions of an Atheist in Hiding
  10. Cooking with Parsley
  11. Doctor Bad Sign's Blog
  12. Eyes Open
  13. Freedom To Choose
  14. Fribnits' World
  15. Gaytheist
  16. God Hates Atheists
  17. Healthful and Cerebral
  18. Honest to Godless
  19. Is God a Squirrel?
  20. My take:
  21. Natural Philosophy of Life
  22. Naturalist Griggsy
  23. oregonfreethinker
  24. Peter Says Stuff
  25. Ratio Primoris (Reason Foremost)
  26. rationalist
  27. Real Talk
  28. Skeptic Griggsy
  29. The Devout Atheist
  30. The Shockwave Writer
  31. To Hold Nothing
  32. Too Many Questions

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